Highly Recommended! Mark is a great instructor who’s being very patient and professional. He gave out clear instructions and hints for assisting me to pass the driving test. Many thanks to Mark and Asia Driving School : ) Cheers Jenny


Mark was a great instructor, very patience, professional and proficient! My driving skills have improved dramatically with just 10 hours of driving lessons! Thanks again Mark 🙂 Highly Recommended!!


A very big thank you to Sandy and Mark for helping me passing the driving test on the first time, highly recommend mark or sandy to be your instructor, not only they are well experience instructor, but also patient and professional. Mark(and sandy) have taught me how to become a low risk driver and i would definitely recommend all my friends to him.

Calvin wu

Thank you very much, Mark. I passed today with excellent results. I highly recommend Mark as he is a very kind, patient, diligent and responsible driving instructor I have ever known. Also, Mark’s guidance as well as wonderful tips made my test easier than ever.

TN Doan

Thank you so much! Mark. Highly recommended. I passed the test at the first time at Rockdale. Mark is a very good, kind, patient and responsible driving instructor. And his tips, skills, Technics are very handy for driving and passing the test. I am a totally beginner with no driving experience before. I only took 13 hours lesson to pass the test and I know a lot of you will only need less than that to nail it. Good luck.

Jin Chen

I have passed my driving test in Rockdale recently, just right before my birthday. Thanks to Mark for this special gift! Mark is a patient and experienced driving instructor, and the tips he gave helped to get perfect marks. Highly recommended!!!


I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed being in your driving class and I have not been disappointed of her service. Sandy, my car instructor always has positive comments to say about my driving and it was motivated. I never get bored of her driving class and it’s comforting to know that Sandy isn’t just a motivator but a great instructor. Thank you for I have passed! You have done a fantastic job, Sandy!


I passed my driving test today! I would like to say thank you to Sandy who was very patient and encouraging. She taught me a lot of techniques for the test which I found extremely useful. I highly recommend Sandy to be your driving instructor.

Jessica L1

I passed my driving test at Botany RTA with only one go. Herein I want to take some time to thank my driving instructor Daniel. He is very patient and his teaching class is well-designed so I could grasp the driving skills in a very short time. Recommend him to future learners.

Robbie Gon

First of all a big thank to my wifes driving instructor Daniel. I always sit at the back seat while my wife is doing her lessons. At the beginning, she was very scared and had no motivation to learn. Daniel has always been very kind and patient. After a few lessons, she is getting more confident and had great improvements. Thank you very much. Daniel shared all his driving experiences and techniques with us. Great coach!!! I wish I had an instructor like him when I was learning a few years back. Definitely recommended! Thumbs up, Thumbs up!!!