Asia Driving School (Sydney)
Asia Driving School offers cheapest driving lessons in Sydney, flexible and competitive driving lessons, delivered a good result and happy learning experience. We have packages to suit your needs, whether you want to pay as you go or to join packages to save.

Course / Package


1 Hour From

$60 - $75

2 Hours

$120 - $140

10 Hours


1 Car RMS Test


Package Price Below From:

1 Hr + 1 Car RMS Test


3 Hrs + 1 Car RMS Test


5 Hrs + 1 Car RMS Test


10 Hrs + 1 Car RMS Test


Recommended for Beginning Learners

20 Hrs+1 Car RMS Test


* Package is valid for 18 months


*** Package cancellation need to be made over 24 hours. There will be a 50% surcharge if cancellation notification is made within 24 hours.

Same Rate at all times, including public holidays (NO SURCHARGE). Begin to learn in a stress free and save environment with our patient friendly driving instructor today.  

Please Call or SMS now on  0428 226 289

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Asia Driving School (Sydney)

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Contact Details

ENGLISH/粤语CALL/SMS: 0428 226 289

普通话CALL: 0415 139 999

Email: [email protected]


Intensive Course

Learners can easily master the Essential Skills within as less as 6 Hours!

  • Steering techniques

  • Reverse parking

  • Three point turn

  • Kerb side parking

  • Safe following distance

  • Hazards responses

  • Observation checks (head check & shoulder check)

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